Adding More Protein To Your Fruits and Veggies: Nutrabio Whey Protein Concentrate Review

This is a follow up from the previous article I wrote about juicing fruits and vegetables.

Most people are not getting enough fruits and vegetables in their diet. That’s why juicing fruits and vegetables can be one of the easiest ways to get the nutrients you need in your body without having to eat a ton of fruits and vegetables.

Instead of eating the whole fruits and veggies, juice it in liquid form and drink it.

One Thing People Are Concerned About Is The Sugar In Fruit


This is an interesting debate because people believe the sugar in fruit is just as bad as the processed sugar you can find in the food you eat. I don’t buy into that since fruits have been with us since humans have been around. To this day I don’t believe you can get diabetes or major health problems from eating fruits, though I would not recommend a diet of strictly fruits.

Sugar is sugar no matter what form and I do see the concern that people may have with it. Instead of juicing lots of fruits with veggies lots of people are juicing lots of vegetables instead.

Vegetables Don’t Taste Good


If you’re mainly juicing vegetables one thing that’s hard to get over is the taste. Vegetables are not sweet like fruits and can sometimes have a bitter taste depending on what vegetables you’re juicing.

One thing you can do to give the vegetable juice some flavor is add protein. I’m not talking about steak or chicken, I’m talking about adding flavored protein powder.

Protein powder will give the vegetable juice a sweet flavor. That’s why I recommend trying

Nutrabio Whey Protein Concentrate


Nutrabio was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing customers with the most effective supplement. In 2001 they revolutionized the supplement industry by introducing four quality commitments.

  • Never use proprietary blends & guaranteeing full label disclosure
  • Banning all fillers, excipients & additives from their product
  • Guaranteeing full therapeutic dosages of every active ingredient
  • Manufacturing their own products so they can control every aspect of quality

Because of that they were able to make something great like the Nutrabio Whey Protein Concentrate.


A lot of other proteins have these extra ingredients like soy, salt, and potassium which acts as fillers to fill up space in the protein powder so they can give YOU less protein and save money.

You also have to watch out for protein spiking and bait and switch as well:

Nutrabio is a great supplement to consider buying from because you always know what you’re getting. It’s N-GMO and Gluten Free as well.

If you’re looking for a fun way to add some flavor to your juiced veggies than think about adding protein powder.

P.S. You Can Buy Nutrabio Whey Protein Concentrate HERE

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