ASMR Vs Frisson

Day after day, we snuggle close in the darkness
We don’t even have a bed
no bed, but
You are surely
smiling at my side now

I won’t force you to touch me
We’re so madly in love that
Even if you should hurt me its all right
I will take all the pain

Beautiful morning with you
Someday, I want to sing
Beautiful morning with you
Soaking in the sunlight with you

The loneliness changes its tactics
And comes to meet with us over and over again
Even when it comes
We both nod
A few times at this place

I won’t turn away
From this love that’s grown
Even if I get hurt it’s allright
I can’t go back now

Beautiful morning with you
Someday, I want to understand
Beautiful morning with you
The feeling of just being with you

Beautiful morning with you
Someday I want to understand
Beautiful morning with you
This feeling of just being with you

Beautiful morning with you
Someday, I want to understand
Beautiful morning with you
This feeling of just being with you

Beautiful morning with you (x4)
You (x3)

I swear I fell in love when I first heard this song.

I swear I fell in love with that moment when I first heard this song.

I swear I fell in love with The Pillows.

I swear I fell in love with Fooly Cooly (FLCL).

The song is called Beautiful Morning by The Pillows, a Japanese rock Band. This song was featured on a very popular anime I used to watch while growing up. The Anime was called Fooly Cooly or FLCL for short.


FLCL was a coming of age story about a 12 year old boy named Naota(/Now-Ta) Nandaba who lives an ordinary boring life in a town where nothing seems to happen as he describes. This all changes one day we he gets run over by a Vespa(moped) riding women by the name of Haruko(/Hi-rew-ko) Haruhara. She runs him over, gives him CPR, and hits him on the head with her blue electric bass guitar. From here on Naota’s ordinary boring days are over.

The show is really wacky with the way the plot develops, but the characters and the music still manage to pull you in somehow. So it’s hard to explain why I fell in love with this show. I remember I was 14 at the time just starting high school going through puberty. The show made me optimistic for the future for some reason. I loved the love triangle between the the main character Naota and the other two girls, Haruko and Mamimi. I think at the time I really wanted to fall in love. I think I really wanted a girlfriend. The music was crazy good too. I couldn’t understand the lyrics and what they were saying, but I just knew it sounded good.

The show used to give me crazy chills when I first watched it or as the french would say it gives you Frisson (/fre-son/).

What Is Frisson


Have you ever felt a sudden, passing sensation of excitement, a shudder of emotion from an epic moment of a song, or a climax of a movie? That is what is called “frisson”, a word rooted from the French word meaning “Goosebumps” or “Shiver”. It has been linked to rises in dopamine levels which is, in turn, linked to your outlook towards others.

Frisson is a physical reaction, it’s not just about “that hit me right in the feels.” Unless you get a physical tingle/chills/goosebumps/shudder than it can’t be considered Frisson.

Listening to emotionally moving music is the most common trigger of frisson, but some feel it while looking at beautiful artwork, watching a particularly moving scene in a movie, or having physical contact with another person. Studies have shown that roughly two-thirds of the population feels frisson.

Frisson is believed to be part of our evolutionary past. Our ancestors, who were much hairier, used to get goosebumps as a response to a rapid change in temperature (like a cool breeze on a sunny day). This would cause the hair on your skin to rise and lower signaling your body to warm up. Since we developed clothing we have had less of a need for this body signaling, instead we are left with the aesthetic chills or frisson.


What’s the Difference Between ASMR And Frisson


ASMR is a euphoric experience. It’s described as a static like tingling sensation on the skin. The tingling sensation usually begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. This creates relaxation in the body.

The tingly sensation you experience on your skin is the same tingly sensation you would experience With Frisson.

The difference is how this sensation is triggered.

ASMR is triggered by:

  • Listening to soft spoken or whispering voices
  • Listening to quiet, repetitive sound that results from someone doing a mundane task (ex. turning the page of a book).
  • Watching someone do a mundane task like making food
  • Receiving affectionate tender personal attention

Frisson is triggered by:

  • Emotional moving music
  • Beautiful artwork
  • Particular movie scene
  • Particular moving event
  • Having physical contact with another person



ASMR and Frisson are similar in the tingling sensation you would experience. ASMR and Frisson are different in how the sensation is triggered.

ASMR seems to be triggered more so by an individual and the things they do while Frisson is triggered by a particular event, thing, or music.

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