Cernovich Gorilla Mind Rush Supplement Review – Get The Edge You NEED

Do you sometimes feel like you’re not enough?

Do you sometimes wish you had that extra edge to get you over that hump?
You’re not alone! Millions of people feel the exact same way you feel. You’re talking to one right now.

Currently I definitely don’t feel like I’m enough. I’m going through some tough times career wise. I entered into a profession that I wasn’t qualified for and started to hate with time.
You know that job you had that you dreaded going to everyday when the alarm clock ranged? That Boss you hated? The coworkers you couldn’t stand? That was me.
Worst of all I wasn’t good at my job. It took me two years and getting fired three times to figure out this wasn’t the career for me.
So I’m re-inventing myself as we speak
I moved back home.
I’m taking an intensive 6 month bootcamp. This will put me on the path for a very great and rewarding career in the IT/Software field.
I’m working Uber in the evening to help pay my bills.
There’s a problem though. I’M TIRED!!!
The bootcamp is intense due to the fact that it’s only 6 months. Classes are Monday – Friday 8:30AM to 5PM. It’s a full time job plus working on projects on the weekends and going to the gym when I can find the time.
After classes I go work Uber in the evenings. So Imagine what that’s like. You do intensive intellectual work in the mornings and afternoons. You go do somewhat intensive manual labor work in the evenings.
The problem is that by the time 2-3pm comes around my energy plummets. I literally have to find the will A.K.A the energy to push through till 5pm to finish my class. Afterwards I still have to find the energy to go work in the evenings.
I know what you’re going to say.

Why Not Drink Coffee Like Every Other Sane Normal Person?

Trust me I tried, but coffee doesn’t do it for me.
A cup of coffee gives me the jitters and I end up crashing after 2-3 hours.
I needed something that would last me a full 6-8 hours without feeling like a burn out when it was all said and done.

Have You Ever Heard Of Nootropics?

Nootropics is an umbrella term for a class of chemicals that give cognitive benefits to the human brain.  
These chemicals or supplements are naturally occurring in the human body and nature or sometimes man made
Nootropics give the user cognitive benefits to the brain such as
  1. Enhance memory and the ability to learn
  2. Help the brain function under disruptive conditions, such as low energy
  3. Protect the brain from chemical and physical assaults
  4. Increase the efficacy of neuronal firing control mechanisms in certain regions of the brain
  5. Possess few or no side effects and be virtually non-toxic
Nootropics come in many different blends and concoctions. It all depends what you’re looking for. What caught my eye with nootropics was number 2 and 5 from the benefits list.
I was looking for something that would give me the same energy and benefit of coffee without the crash when everything was said and done.
That’s when I stumbled upon…

Gorilla Mind Rush

Gorilla Mind Rush is the most powerful cognitive enhancing dietary supplement that you can buy.
While Gorilla Mind Rush provides intense focus and massive concentration. It does not primarily rely on caffeine, guarana or any other “dirty” pre-workout or energy drink stimulants that will make you feel jittery or insane
Gorilla Mind Rush features a host of exotic cognitive-enhancing compounds that provide an intense sustainable focus without the jitters or mid-day crash.
This is a supplement that you will remember.
Gorilla Mind Rush will really impress you.

What’s In Gorilla Mind Rush

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol): DMAE increases the levels of acetylcholine in the brain; resulting in increased levels of processing and transmitting of information, enhancement of mental concentration and focus, better memory and elevated mood.
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: The most bio-available form of Tyrosine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that balances neurotransmitter levels in the brain resulting in increased energy and motivation, relief in the mind of stress and anxiety, and the improvement of mental focus and concentration.
L-Theanine: L-Theanine works by targeting four key neurotransmitters: GABA, Serotonin, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine.
These neurotransmitters are responsible for feelings of attention, stress, arousal, and pleasure.
By mitigating the over-activity of neurons, L-Theanine helps to calm down the brain, reduce stress, and get rid of anxiety.
This is why L-Theanine complements stimulants like caffeine so tremendously too, as it takes the edge off of stimulants that can cause jitters and over-stimulation.
L-Theanine also improves memory, focus, attention to detail, information retention, and motivation levels.
Alpha-GPC: Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha-GPC) is the highest quality and most bioavailable form of choline, meaning it will work much better and much faster than standard choline.
After crossing the blood brain barrier Alpha-GPC provides the brain with a rapidly absorbed form of choline.
It also starts aiding in the synthesis and release of acetylcholine.
The surge of quickly absorbed choline in conjunction with the release of acetylcholine causes a substantial improvement in cognitive functioning, memory, HGH levels, physical performance, concentration, focus, and information absorption/recall.
Caffeine Anhydrous: The most well know central nervous system stimulant on earth, caffeine is well known for its’ variety of benefits in both mental and physical performance.
It improves reaction time, logical reasoning, focus, concentration, energy levels, mood, physical strength, recovery times, and body composition, among a variety of other benefits.
Di-Caffeine Malate: Di-Caffeine Malate is a precise combination of Caffeine and Malic Acid fused together using an ionic bond.
Comparing it to regular Caffeine Anhydrous, Di-Caffeine Malate is more mild, but it is also smoother, longer lasting, and doesn’t result in excessive “jitters” or anxiety like you may experience from high doses of Caffeine Anhydrous. It is also more forgiving on the digestive system than regular Caffeine Anhydrous can be.
Gorilla Mind Rush’s Caffeine content is split into Caffeine Anhydrous and Di-Caffeine Malate to prevent the over-stimulated feeling that would typically occur as a result of excessive Caffeine Anhydrous consumption.
Bacopa Monnieri: Used as an anti-aging supplement that protects neurons in the brain from accumulative damage, Bacopa Monnieri acts as an antioxidant, cognitive enhancer, and neuroprotectant.
By increasing kinase activity in the brain, a faster rate of transmission is achieved which enhances mood, mental energy, information absorption/recall, memory, and reduces anxiety, as well as joint and muscle pain.
It may also produce mild amounts of euphoria.
N-phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate/Eria Jarensis Extract: This fantastic stimulant supports a more uplifting feel than caffeine, and a euphoric level of sustained energy.
After crossing the blood brain barrier, Eria Jarensis Extract works by mimicking some of the brain’s own neurotransmitters, consequently activating those brain receptors and stimulating them to release more dopamine and norepinephrine.
This mechanism of action ultimately supports greatly enhanced focus, motivation, energy, concentration, mental acuity, mood, alertness, and even fat-burning potential.
2-Aminoisoheptane: Another fantastic stimulant, 2-Aminoisoheptane releases dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain through the activation of trace amine associated receptor 1 (which are trace metabolic derivatives of several popular psychostimulants).
This mechanism of action ultimately supports greatly enhanced focus, motivation, energy, concentration, mental acuity, mood, alertness, and even fat-burning potential (much like Eria Jarensis Extract).
Higenamine: This potent stimulant starts working extremely quickly (within 7 minutes of ingestion) and greatly increases fat loss, energy levels, focus and concentration.
Piperine (Black Pepper Fruit Extract): Allows the body to absorb and utilize all of the ingredients in this formula more effectively.
This ultimately results in greater bioavailability and benefit from each individual ingredient, as well as making the effects last longer .
Huperzine A: Huperzine A blocks the action of cholinesterase in the brain.
The result of this is increased levels of acetylcholine in the brain.
It also promotes neurogenesis (the birth of new neurons in the brain), protects neurons that are already in the brain from damage, and acts as a neuroprotective agent.
These high acetylcholine levels ultimately lead to greatly enhanced memory and cognitive function.
Huperzine A has been used in China as a herbal medicine for years, and it helps offset neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s via its ability to improve memory and acting as a neuroprotectant.
It also acts as a potent Somatostatin inhibitor in the body, resulting in greater HGH levels, which has a multitude of benefits for body composition and anti-aging.

So What’s It Like Taking Gorilla Mind Rush

I took Gorilla Mind Rush at 2pm when my stomach is empty and when my energy drops.
It’s recommended you take 3 capsules with some water on an empty stomach. Within 30-45min my empty stomach didn’t feel hungry anymore. My energy levels started to rise.
I felt this warm tingly yet pleasant sensation in my forehead. Past the hour mark I felt amazing! My energy levels were through the roof.
I could grind through the work I was doing without feeling mentality fatigue or needing to take a break. When 5pm rolled around I still felt great.
I was in an amazing mood to go and drive Uber. I drove Uber from 5-9:30pm when my energy levels were still at their peek. I didn’t feel hungry or tired which shocked me.
I didn’t start noticing my energy dropping off until about 9pm when I started to feel a little bit hungry.
The crazy thing is though, it didn’t feel like a crash!!! It was like my energy leveled out and returned to normal before I took Gorilla Mind Rush.
So from about 2pm when I took Gorilla Mind Rush to 9:30pm I was an intense focused workaholic who didn’t need a break!
That’s over 7 hours of intense focus and work.
Amazing if you ask me!

Final Thoughts

Gorilla Mind Rush is great for the individual looking to get that mental edge and energy to get through an intense day.
It doesn’t matter wether you’re a gym goer, student, or professional. Gorilla Mind Rush is for you.
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P.S. You Can Order Gorilla Mind Rush HERE

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