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Crock-Pot Sccpvl610-S Review: How To Start Cooking For Yourself And Never Waste Time In The Kitchen Ever Again

I was doing the usual thing I do every week, making brown rice.

I don’t own a rice cooker and prefer to make it in a pot, because I like to add olive oil to my brown rice.

So I grab the bag of brown rice, pour it into the pot, add water, add olive oil, and put it on the stove.

I light the stove and put the fire on high and leave to go up stairs and do some work. This was probably the first mistake I made.

I tell myself to remember to go back downstairs in 30 minutes, and I start doing some work.

Terrible Terrible Terrible idea. Fifty-minutes pass by, and I’m like, “Oh shit! The rice!”.

I rush downstairs to check on the brown rice, and it’s a bit mushy on the top. The whole point of me going downstairs earlier to check on the brown rice was to pour some of the water out so it wouldn’t get mushy like this.

Even worse a good portion of the brown rice at the bottom of the pot is burnt.

This happens every once in a while where I burn and ruin the brown rice I’m trying to make. The mistake I made was not setting a timer. I usually set a timer for 20-25min than I go check on the food.

The real problem is the amount of time I spend in the kitchen cooking every week making food.

Sometimes I end up making brown rice twice a week because I eat so much of it. I used to eat brown rice three times a day. Not so much anymore.

Brown rice is simple to make. You probably spend more time in the kitchen than me if you cook more elaborate meals for yourself on a weekly basis.

The amount of time it takes to prep the food, than cook it, than you have to look after it so it doesn’t burn, and finally you have to do the clean up.

Making food can literally take a couple of hours!

I found an easier to make food it’s called….

Crock Pot – Slow Cooker


 Slow Cooker better known as Crock Pot uses moist heat to cook food over a long period of time.

Typical Crock Pot comes with a pot, glass lid, and heating element.

Slow Cookers have been around since the 1950s but the issue with the Slow Cookers back than was that it didn’t heat the food evenly.

It wasn’t until Irving Naxon, a prolific inventor, applied for a patent for a cooking device that would not only be portable, but would provide a solution for the food not heating evenly.

The device was going be an integrated appliance, with the cooking vessel (the crook) housed inside a casing that also contained the heating element, allowing the heat to distribute more evenly.

Naxon received the patent for his appliance in January 1940. By integrating the crock inside of the heating unit, Naxon captured that “low and slow” cooking process and made it accessible to the mid-20th century cook.

Naxon brought his device, the Naxon Beanery, to market in the 1950’s. In 1970, the Rival Manufacturing acquired Naxon and, in 1972, re-branded the Beanery as the Crock-Pot.

How To Use A Crock Pot



Crock Pot is very simple to use, you have three settings on the device:

  • High – for a higher heat and a faster cook
  • Keep Warm – When the food is done cooking but you don’t want it to get cold
  • Low – for a lower heat and a slower cook

All you need to do is gather your ingredients and put it into the Crock Pot to go from this:

To this:

All it took was 8 hours to cook this.

Granted that sounds like a lot of time, but that’s 8 hours of you doing nothing and letting the Crock Pot do all the work.

All you do is gather the ingredients, put it in the Crock Pot, put the settings on, walk away and mess around, and come back 4-8 hours later to some good food.

In case you’re wondering the ingredients I used to make this are:

  • 2 Pieces of Steak
  • About 8 strips of bacon
  • Lentils
  • Frozen Vegetables
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • Water

I filled the water all the way to the top like I normally do, but the Crock Pot over flowed a little bit. This is probably due to the fact that I added bacon to the Crock Pot this time and the meat juice of the bacon caused it to over flow.

Lots Of Crock Pot Recipes


This ties into the fact that there are a lot of Crock Pot Recipes that you can find on YouTube and online as well.

There’s a ton of Crock Pot recipes. More than you’ll probably ever cook in a lifetime.


Cleaning Your Crock Pot Is Easy As well



Crock Pot Saves You Time In The Kitchen


The biggest biggest benefit of the Crock Pot is the fact that it saves you time from doing all the cooking yourself.

You don’t really have to prep the ingredients and you don’t have to check on the food while it’s cooking to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Only thing you do is put the food inside the Crock Pot, add water, and set your settings.

The only thing you have to do is clean the black pot inside the Crock Pot after you’re done using it.

That’s easy. If you have a dish washer, it’s even easier.

The way I have my life set up is at the beginning of the week before I go to work I put all the ingredients and food in the Crock Pot. I put the temperature on low, and I have it cook for 8 hours.

When I come home from work the house smells like a delicious meal.



Crock Pot saves you time in the kitchen so you don’t have to be in the kitchen.

No more cooking, that’s no longer your job but the Crock Pots job.

All you have to do is clean up.

Give the Crock Pot a chance and be amazed at how convenient it makes your life.

Order one today, wait for it come to your house, and don’t hesitate to use it as soon as you get it.

P.S. You Can Order A Crock Pot Here

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