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How To Trigger ASMR Tingly Feelings Without Sound Or Music

Do you remember Bob Ross?

The happy go lucky guy painting clouds from the TV show, The Joy Of Painting.

Before becoming a famous painter, Bob was a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. While stationed in Alaska, Bob was working as a part-time bartender. He discovered the TV show, The Magic Of Oil Painting, hosted by Germain painter Bill Alexander. Bob studied with Alexander, and discovered he could earn more money selling his artwork. Bob retired from the military after twenty years of service. He became famous for creating and hosting the TV program The Joy Of Painting.

What Does Bob have to do with ASMR? Everything.

There are many ASMR triggers in his videos. His voice is deep, calm and soft. His presence commands authority that makes you feel safe. He’s so friendly and familiar that it almost makes you feel like he’s standing in the room with you. This is called personal attention. Also there are brush and scraping sounds which are a huge ASMR trigger for many. He is also incredibly focused on the painting which is another ASMR trigger.

Lots of people get introduced to ASMR watching Bob Ross. What if after watching Bob Ross videos you still don’t get triggered? What if you’re not ready to make the investment to buy quality headphones?

No problem there’s still a way that you can experience ASMR tingly feeling without sound or music. You can use a scalp massager.


Scalp massagers have been traditionally used to relax the scalp and promote hair growth. This one is a little bit different. As soon as you put in on your head and use it you instantly get that tingly feeling like you were watching an ASMR video.

Like I mentioned in the video scalp massagers are pretty cheap. Go on Amazon order one or a few. Wait for the scalp massager to come in the mail. Once it arrives rip it open put it on top of your head and begin experiencing the tingly feeling of ASMR.


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