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How To Use Phenibut For First Dates

You finally had the courage to message that cute chick on Match dot com.

After staring at her profile for the last couple of days you finally shoot your shot and it goes a little something like this:

You: Cool profile you had me at XXX

Her: Haha thank you at least someone appreciates it!

You: So you’re saying no one appreciates you? lol

Her: LOL no that’s not what I meant.

You: Yeah I know just kidding what’re you up to?

Her: Nothing much just watching Netflix

You: Anything good on? I just got back from the gym.

Her: I’m obsessed with Madmen I love that show!

You: Lol I’ve seen it a couple of times. So you’re looking for your Don Draper than huh?

Her: LOL maybe

You: You know some people say I look a little bit like Don Draper

Her: Haha you’re funny

You: I try to be. How do you like living in [insert area]?

Her: It’s really cool, there’s always something to do, especially on the weekends.

You: Nice, have you been to XXX?

Her: No I haven’t

You: Yeah it’s pretty cool, I was thinking we could go there sometimes maybe grab some drinks.

Her: Yeah that sounds like fun.

You: Cool what’s your number? I’ll text you and we can plan something out.

You: My name’s XXX by the way lol.


Her: Here’s my number XXX-XXX-XXX.

Everything went smoothly. You’re pretty good at grabbing chicks numbers online if she seems interested.

You text her a “hey what’s up” with your name attached to the text so she knows it’s you. You guys text back and forth and you both agree to grab drinks after work around 7pm.

Everything’s going good. Day of the date you’re kind of excited. Chick is pretty cute, good body. Hopefully the person matches the pics, and if the first date goes well this might actually go somewhere.

Works over at 5:30pm. You walk to your car, hop in, throw on the navigation in your phone, and start driving to the date destination.

Traffic is kind of bad and it’s going to take you 50 minutes to get to where you’re going, but you planned for this so you’re not worried.

So you drive and you get to where you need to be by 6:30pm. It takes you 10min to find parking and you make it into the bar by 6:50pm.

You find a spot, sit down, and wait for your date.

7pm rolls around, and your date hasn’t shown up. A minute later you get a text from her saying she’s going to be 10min late, traffic is really bad.

7:10pm rolls around, and she text you saying I just parked, and three minutes later she’s in the bar.

You guys notice each other, she comes over and you give her a nervous awkward hug.

“I’m really sorry for getting here so late traffic was just so bad, ” she says.

“Haha it’s all good no worries.”

You guys both sit down at the bar, and there’s an awkward silence for about five seconds where no one says anything.

“Soooo how was your day?” she asks you.

“Went to work. It was good. I can’t complain”.

“Oooh…Okay…That’s good”.

And it begins. Since the second she walked in and you gave her that awkward hug you’ve been super nervous for the longest. Your mind goes blank every now and than and you just don’t know what to say or ask. The cool guy that got her number online is a nervous wreck in real life.

After being in your head for what seems like forever you guys decide to order drinks.  You finally ask her the magic question, “So what do you do for work?”

“I work in [insert industry name]”.

“Do you like it?”.

“Yeah it’s okay”.

You tell her what you do for work and blah blah blah you guys talk about work for the next 10 minutes. The Alcohol helps ease your nervousness a bit but not a lot.

The date basically goes downhill from there. There’s still moments of awkward silence as you think about what topics to talk about, what to say in general, and what to ask her. Now you see why people say dating is tough.

Fifty painfully awkward nervous moments have gone by and you finally decide to call it quits. You guys split the bill, and you here her say, “Well it was nice to meet you!” as you guys both go your separate ways. You never here from her again.

First Dates Are Nerve Wracking


First dates are nerve wracking. You want to make a good first impression on the chick so that she wants to see you again. Like an interview you only get one shot, and if the date doesn’t go well you don’t hear from her again.

While I’m no expert on dating here are some….

Thoughts And Tips On Successful Dating

  • Plan Everything – You should have a step by step plan for the 1st date all the way up to the 3rd or 5th date when you guys get intimate. Nothing should be left to chance everything should be planned. You should have a routine for each chick that you take out: 1st date take her here get to know her, 2nd date take her here try and make it out, 3rd date invite to my place, etc etc. With a routine like this you should have an idea of how long it takes to meet and get intimate with a girl, or if the dates will go anywhere.
  • Take Her To A Place Where You’re A Regular – Find a Bar in your city that’s close to work or where you live and become a regular there. It doesn’t mean you have to show up everyday, but go at least once a week on a certain day at a certain time. Talk to the bartender and tip well so he remembers who you are. Assuming the chick lives in your city, take her to your hang out spot and watch the look on her face change when you say wassup to the bartender and waitress and everyone is happy to see you and acts like they’ve known you forever. In her eyes you look like a cool dude and she’s going to have a different view of you. Plus you’ll look cool to the bartender/waitresses since they’ll always see you bringing in girls there for dates.
  • First Dates Are About Emotion And Connection – On first dates you want to get to know the chick so you can connect with and get her to open up to you on an emotional level. People won’t remember what you say, but they’ll remember how you made them feel. What type of feeling do you want to leave chick with. For me the feeling  I want to leave the chick with is I’m a cool fun guy to be with. I don’t ask her about work because that’s boring and I really don’t care. Ask her where she grew up? What school she went to? Did she party a lot in school? What about her best friends what are they like? Does she have any siblings? Past relationships? Ask her about herself so you can get to know and connect more. In asking those questions you get her talking and you can talk about yourself as well. Poke fun at her whenever you can. One question obviously leads to another and before you know it you guys are just talking.

The biggest thing is nervousness on first dates. If you can’t relax it’s going to be tough, and you might even forget the things you want to ask. Being relaxed is key and it allows you to be yourself as cheesy as that sounds. While drinking alcohol can help you don’t always want to be buzzed every time you go on a date. You should try…

Phenibut For First Dates


Phenibut is a dietary supplement that acts as a mood enhancer. People use Phenibut to deal with stress and anxiety because of it’s calming effects. At higher dosages people have used Phenibut to help them sleep.

Phenibut was developed in Russia during the Soviet Union and placed in Russian Astronauts medical kits to help them deal with the stress of being in space for so long.

While first dates aren’t like going to outer space, the nervousness makes it feel like it is. As a mood enhancer Phenibut can help you relax on your first dates. You have a sense of calm while you’re on Phenibut. Your muscles are relaxed and you feel happy, almost like you’re buzzed. You can be yourself and the conversation can flow.

You can read the full review of Phenibut here.

Best way to take Phenibut is to take it two hours before your date because that’s how long it takes for it to kick in. I recommend taking Phenibut capsules instead of the powder because of the bitter taste.

So take 600-900mg of Phenibut two hours before your date. If you plan to drink I recommend not driving to your date or at least make the date last longer. One drink on Phenibut feels like three so be careful.

You’ve gotten some good tips on successful dating and hopefully they’ve generated some ideas in your heads on some things you can do and improve on as well. They all rely on you on you being calm, cool, fun, and NOT nervous. Order some Phenibut, give it try, and see if your dating life improves at all.

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